About Us

We have been training CNAs since 2017 on an off and ongoing basis. We slowed down in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and picked up again towards the end of 2022. Our CNAs were previously trained under Huduma Bora Medical Centre-College. The name change was necessitated by the desire to make the college a stand-alone organization independent from the Medical Centre. Huduma Bora Medical Centers was founded in 2015 by our Founder and Program Director, Gordon Asadhi. The health facilities are in Mwatate-Taita Taveta County. We offer a 26-week course in Certified Nursing Assistant with an 8-week clinical hospital attachment at the tail end of the program. We provide a state-of-the-art inpatient skill lab simulation setting at our Voi and Nairobi learning centers. We have partnerships with several hospitals all over Kenya for clinical placement. We also provide clinical attachment letters for our students residing outside Kenya. Our Certificate in Nursing Assistant (CNA) curriculum is a blend of The UK, The USA, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, and Norway governments-approved CNA curriculums since these are some of the countries that are actively recruiting foreign-trained CNAs/HCAs. The USA-focused section of the CNA training adhered to OBRA 87 requirements and was delivered through the Mometrix Academy CNA Certification Test Prep Course. We pride ourselves on providing the most significant number of nursing assistants recruited by international health recruiters to go and work in the USA, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, etc., in the recent past. We have also pioneered a CNA program for Registered Clinical Officers to aid their mobility in the world labor market. This profession shares many common training similarities with RN training; hence, they can easily transition into CNA roles. We admit new students into our program daily, but our main intakes are in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

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Program Coordinator

  • Daisy Asadhi, B.Ed., CNA

Assistant Program Coordinator

  • Felicia Nyambu, DIP (S&M), CNA

Clinical Instructors

  • Marvin Nyakuti, RCO, CNA
  • Cynthia Otita, ECHN, CNA
  • Valentine Mutai, CNA
  • Sam Onduru, RN
  • Mercy Njeri, CNA
  • Purity Chepngetich, RN


  • Marc Gordon, BSN, RN, Certified Trainer of CNA, USA
  • Priscah Makau, BSN, RN, Nairobi
  • George Isaboke, BSN, RN Tala, Machakos
  • James Murimi, HND (Critical Care) Machakos
  • Jennifer Saruh, BSN, RN, Mwatate
  • Ndanu Muema, BSN, Nairobi
  • Eric Njiru, BSc MLS, Embu
  • Josephine Mwashao, BSc MLS, Voi
  • Sharon Chebet, BSN, RN, Mombasa
  • Leonard Mdambi, BSc Paramedicine, Voi
  • Edward Munene, BSN, RN, Nakuru
  • Malcolm Kachiry, HND (oncology), RN, Wajir/Kericho
  • Pamela Liluga, BSN, RN, Kakamega
  • Carolyne Gatwiri, BSN, RN, Meru